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Your spotlight on local services

Hospital Discharge

In Early 2014, our volunteers used their 'enter and view' powers to visit wards at St Helier hospital. They spoke to patients on 5 wards and asked if they would be willing to take part in a telephone interview once they had gone home. Our volunteers then rang them to ask a series of questions about their experience of being discharged from the hospital. Thirty three patients took part in the interviews and gave a variety of positive and negative views about their experience. The responses were analysed and recommendations made in a report that was sent to Epsom and St Helier Hospitals NHS Trust. We are working closely with the Trust to find ways that the discharge experience can be improved. In December 2014, Healthwatch Staff, volunteers and Directors took part in a workshop run by the hospital to develop ideas and actions.


Healthwatch Sutton Hospital Discharge Report 2014